The crisis is not the event, it is the reactions to it. When a critical event happens, FORTLOG ensures that you have the resources and tools to keep your people in the game.

Critical events, or potentially disturbing events, are unusually challenging situations that have the potential to create significant negative stress and can overwhelm our natural means of coping.

CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) is an adaptive, short-term psychological helping-process that focuses solely on an immediate and identifiable problem. It can include pre-incident preparedness to acute crisis management to post-crisis follow-up. It is not meant to mitigate the event and it is not psychotherapy, nor a substitute for psychotherapy. A different way to say this is that CISM is A Comprehensive, Integrated, Systematic, and Multi-component approach to crisis/disaster intervention.

The 4 goals of CISM are Stabilization, Symptom reduction, Return to adaptive functioning, or Facilitation of access to continued care. The implementation of CISM before, during or after an event can support resiliency and provide crisis intervention or critical incident stress management.

FORTLOG Services provide CISM training for organizations. To learn more about how to develop your Critical Incident Plan contact us.

"John Robertson and FORTLOG Services has been an integral part of helping us put our CISM program together as well as its success!  He trained all of our 32 members and has been a huge support to us since starting this program over 5 years ago.  We have had very positive results with our First Responders as well as the rest of the Corporation and we know we can always count on his availability and support! His knowledge, professionalism, devotion, and humanity make him stand out as a trainer and consultant and we are proud to have the privilege of working with him!"

Elizabeth Gauthier

United Counties of Prescott and Russell