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Transfer of information does not always result in transformation of the person

Can you relate?

I have had those experts in the stands shouting at me, what I should think and do.  I’ve had those times when I felt like I was drowning, ‘supported’ by people on the shore shouting ‘swim harder!  Then all the other unhelpful one liners, including ‘well he will learn’, ‘he has got to figure it out’! 

None of these are helpful, to anyone.

Think of it this way.  

If you are playing a sport you do not like, in fact you may hate, and you get a bump or knocked down, that ‘injury’ will take you out of the game.

On the other hand, if you are playing a sport you love, and you get an injury, you will find a way to get back in the game.

This exact same principle applies in everyday life – whether it is work, relationships, community involvement, emotional wallops, if you are doing things that there is no real passion for, no real value, then any negative impact in our life will take us “out of the game”.

What would happen if your thinking were reframed about individual wellness at work?

What if you discovered what you love to do and where to serve and then an injury is just a hurdle, not a barrier to get back in the game.

Did you know that passion is not about some irrational force making us want to do something? It is a fire in the bones, passion comes from the same word as suffer, endure. Passion is usually combined with courage [which comes from the word heart!]. 

Don’t you want to have heart, to endure, for something that matters? This means taking time to discover your passion!

The 4 D Mental Health Process for individual Wellness at work


Discover what thrive means for you [and your organization]. Discover the real motivation behind the mental wellness initiative.  Discover the different strengths, characteristics, and qualities that need to be leveraged in your organization


Determine the outcomes for your workplace mental health, results, and measurements to be used. After all, if you don’t know where to go, and what it will look like when you get there – its impossible to move in that direction!


Develop a strategy to leverage programs, personnel, experts, courses, and other tools to effectively develop the transformation towards workplace mental health and wellness. However, just like gardening, this takes pruning, time, and supports to grow the right things.


Deploy your strategy, tactically, to ensure if it works it is replicable. If it does work the impact radius is minimal. It is that process of design-build-evaluate-refine-evaluate. It is not a once and done mindset.  Leadership must keep in front and taking things up a notch.

FORTLOG Services does not offer a program that gets sold and pasted in. We will start by having some private, unvarnished conversations as to what wellness means for you? It might be discovery based around stress management, your personal crises, grief and loss, conflicts or defining a positive new norm to grow forward. 

Oftentimes people do not have a clear focus of what wellness and mental health means for their personal context. The result is that sometimes an EAP or clinician is not required when what would be beneficial is more of a peer support, coach and encouraging partner. This enables you, the individual, to remain focussed on your big picture to leverage your strengths, while buffering those areas of tension.

Through Discovery we will be determining and developing your VERI PLAN™ so that each piece can be deployed for successful implementation. This is about discovering your values, and your wiring so that the areas you serve, and invest in actually benefit others while charging your own wellness and mental health. We will develop the kind of personal wellness and relationships where you need to be. It enables that only are you resilient, but you thrive.