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the steps to achieve mental health recovery

Through Discovery we will be determining and developing, so that each piece can be deployed for successful implementation. We will create the kind of workplace wellness and culture where people want to be.

You and I know that transformation happens when strengths are leveraged, this means yours too! Intentionally developing instead of just burning time, resources, personnel, with false starts. The process for us to ensure progress is simple [not easy].


Discover what thrive means for you [and your organization]. Discover the real motivation behind the mental wellness initiative.  Discover the different strengths, characteristics, and qualities that need to be leveraged in your organization


Determine the outcomes for your workplace mental health, results, and measurements to be used. After all, if you don’t know where to go, and what it will look like when you get there – its impossible to move in that direction!


Develop a strategy to leverage programs, personnel, experts, courses, and other tools to effectively develop the transformation towards workplace mental health and wellness. However, just like gardening, this takes pruning, time, and supports to grow the right things.


Deploy your strategy, tactically, to ensure if it works it is replicable. If it does work the impact radius is minimal. It is that process of design-build-evaluate-refine-evaluate. It is not a once and done mindset.  Leadership must keep in front and taking things up a notch.