FORTLOG Services

Reducing stress in the workplace through conflict resolution and crisis management training

What a list of responsibilities have been placed on leadership today. The demands for building the team, hiring the right person, stress leaves, conflict, performance management, union, and association expectations/demands.

Who do you trust? Everyone knows that workforce wellness matters so where do you go to know the best approach? When it comes to workforce wellness and culture alignment, doesn’t it seem sometimes that there are 10 different people providing 11 different directions?

You didn’t go to school to deal with these concerns – I did. You didn’t get into this work to be dealing with crisis and issues without getting to the big stuff – that’s what I love doing. How to transform the workplace towards wellness, reduce stress in the workplace, improve team stress management and help you as a leader manage stress.  This is the role I help leadership to develop.

What about reframing Leadership to reduce stress in the workplace?

Instead of adding another demand on your plate, what about leading your way? Why not take workforce and workplace culture from a classroom or course to an apprenticeship or coaching approach? Transform your leadership from just surviving, to ask what about thriving?

Whether it is a leadership course, organizational plan or performance management, accountability approaches often gets compliance from a workforce, but seldom ‘ownership’ 

Those intangibles that a business or organization encounters that are not planned for; like the real culture (not the one on the website/brochure), leadership (not positional), personnel engagement/commitment which impacts trust, real values plus all those personalities are usually what trip up leaders plans. 

That’s where I serve, in the intangibles, so leadership is followable.

The 4 D Process To teach leaders how to manage workplace stress

4D Process Mental wellness in the workplace

FORTLOG Services is not about a one size-fits-all program-based approach, which usually benefits the trainer. The fact that your leadership will have a different look and feel to anyone else’s, means that you need to be clear on how you lead, how you are wired, so that people value being able to follow you. 

We will have private, unvarnished discussions and conversations about how you want people to describe you– in a non-physical way. When it comes to crisis leadership or change leadership and management, it is the intangibles that are so essentials. Those qualities like values, personalities, conflict resolution styles, how to support and encourage personnel [and yourself] that people feel values and appreciated.  It is usually not the competence [qualifications or credentials] of leadership that trip people up, instead it tends to be things like team development through chemistry, composure, credibility [this is not merely liability], courage, or character. 

Through Discovery we will be determining and developing, so that each piece can be deployed for successful implementation. This is about you developing your VERI PLAN™ so that you lead your way, so that people want to follow, and you are known for who and what you are for, not just a person who is known for what you are against. This is the key to thriving, being more than resilient, and strengthening other to transform crisis into opportunity. 

You and I know that transformation happens when strengths are leveraged, this means yours too! Intentionally developing instead of just burning time, resources, yourself, with false starts. We will create the kind of leadership style, personal wellness, and relationships where you need to be.