Organizations across North America have been hiring John to help shift the narrative, reframe the crisis and put their organization on the map as leaders in Interpersonal Crisis Prevention.

Trusted by hundreds of organizations across North America
to help lead their teams through crisis

The Ugly, Uncomfortable Truth

Most organizations thrive “when people play well together” but at one point or another every organization will face the kind of crisis (or friction) that threatens to undo years of hard work, from the inside-out. Examples of these “ugly truths” include, but are not limited to:

sudden change in staffing (layoffs, change in management, talent loss)

sudden death, workplace injuries, stress-leaves

concerning increase in sick-days, retention, productivity

tension in the workplace that affects team members' ability to do their job

ongoing conflict between staff members, management or shareholders

interruption of services and/or production

negative change in public perception

After over 30 years of watching organizations of all kinds fall apart under pressure (and wishing there was more he could have done to have prevented it before they called him in) –John has masterfully identified key themes and actionable principles that give public and private sector workplaces a new way to shortcut the impact of crisis in the workplace: either before it happens, or before it gets any worse!

The Turning Point
(and Sigh of Relief)

More than “just a talk” John’s Speaking & Workshop engagements mark the beginning of a new chapter for traditionally stressed, fatigued and under-staffed workplaces who have struggled to stay on top of interpersonal and operational demands.

Fast Acting: In under a day you can educate, empower and re-train key staff to see hidden opportunities for lasting change all around them. The secret is shifting their perception of influence, leadership and authority (and it’s not what you’d expect!)

Immediately Actionable: Like a parched desert that finally receives a gentle rain, watch your organization flourish from the inside-out with practical, immediately actionable insight that leaves team members feeling relieved and recharged. Discover how new leadership models, counterintuitive approaches and ingrained habits set your organizations apart from others, and why this matters most during times of crisis.

Well Received: Aside from the positive feedback nearly every participant leaves after hearing John speak, the feedback he receives from the Leaders, Managers and HR Representatives (for years afterwards) is almost always the same two things: “I wish we’d gotten you in sooner” and “I can’t believe how much better things have gotten”.

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Top Rated Presentations

Built for the modern-day workforce, these top-rated topics forge a different path through the storm: inspiring confidence, tenacity and agile-leadership that bends with the winds that dare to blow by them (never breaking!)

“Run Toward the Roar”

The counterintuitive approach to transforming crisis

When a “roar” happens, our natural instinct is to fight, flight or freeze. But these instincts don’t serve us as leaders who need to be thinking one step ahead (to move our teams out of the path of danger) and leveraging sudden change/conflict into the kind of thrive-focused opportunities that distinguish great organizations from others.

Show your team how to shortcut their next crisis situation by building in the kind of “muscle memory” that draws on shared core values (not well-meaning policies or programs). Uncover the hidden connection between passion, loyalty, and resiliency and find out how leaders across the world (and animal kingdom) out-smart storms by “running towards the roar”...

BEST FOR: Leadership teams, HR/Union representatives and Advisors who are seeking greater clarity in moving their “unruly staff” through difficult times.

OUTCOME: Increased confidence, productivity and effectiveness. The ability to consistently re-identify workplace “threats'' as opportunities to strengthen the workforce. Lasting re-alignment of authority, reactiveness, and accountability.

Run toward the roar
Why is no one listening to me anymore?

“Why is no one listening to me anymore?!”

Leveraging Trust, Leadership and Crisis so business works and people thrive!

Today’s managers are drowning in the interpersonal demands of their employees and recognizing that the authoritative structures that ruled yesterday's workforce are failing to motivate and retain the employees of today. A failure to adapt is a failure to stay afloat...

So how do you rise above the chaos and become the kind of in-demand workplace that’s consistently attracting new talent and retaining your best members (instead of lying awake afraid of them quitting too). Let John guide you through the “ethos” of Authority, Influence and the baffling ways most companies lost control over this without even being aware. Restructure your efforts (and your sanity) in this ‘breath of fresh air’ discussion that points the entire leadership team back in the right direction, regardless of how stressful their workplace environments seem to be.

BEST FOR: Mid-level managers, CEO’s and HR Reps who are struggling to focus on organizational goals because of issues with staffing, retention and engagement.

OUTCOME: Relief. Ability to readdress long- standing issues with the workforce with a revitalized sense of authority and influence. Effective leadership upgrades that are felt across the entire organization.

“Okay John, but what we really need help with is…”

Design a custom presentation built around your specific “crisis” and friction points

You know your organization better than anyone, and you’ve seen the changes in your staff and leaders that tell you “this is going to get worse before it gets better”.

Give yourself a life raft and let John help you determine whether your ship is taking on water, or if you and your managers have just found yourself off course. Custom presentations include a quick analysis of ongoing issues, identification of underlying themes and an engaging, informative experience that is guaranteed to help shift your team into smoother waters.

BEST FOR: Small-large organizations seeking intervention and innovation, in 60-90 minute sessions or 1-3 day periods (keynote speeches, seminars, etc.)

OUTCOME: Customized solutions focused on educating, informing and shifting audiences and/or workforces. Proactive approaches to ongoing organizational challenges, and the opportunity to lead innovation in your sector/region.

what we really need help with is

Become an in-demand workplace (and guarantee higher retention) by giving your most influential staff-members, managers and leaders the FORTLOG ADVANTAGE.

Contact John to discuss having him come into your organization, virtually or in-person. Request tried-and-true talks, or a custom presentation fit for your organization.

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