Beyond Resilience.

Prepare & Equip to Thrive Through Crisis.
Building personal, community and organizational resilience.
From surviving to thriving: a common sense approach for resilience.


Prepare and equip organizations and teams to identify, manage, reduce (or eliminate) the impact of critical incidents and stress.


Grow the capacity of your ‘community’ to face crisis and stress through a resilience based approach.


When facing a crisis having the tools to face it with optimism and courage is essential. Coaching helps you to build resilience — allowing you to move from ‘survive’ to thrive!

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About John
Enthusiastic, empathetic and results-oriented. John works with clients to build organizational resilience; driving purposeful change through leadership, training and intervention.

Critical Incident Stress Management

Enabling a peer led, supportive based, process driven approach enabling an impacted person(s) to return to a healthy new norm.

Organizational Health & Wellness

Resilience is fostered when there is a strong and successful team: Trained and equipped to play their roles and seeing the value of growth and change.

Leadership Development

Leadership charts the path from present to future so that others want to follow.

Dealing with Differences

Conflict occurs where desires and expectations not aligned. These could be goals, values, natures and/or passions. Resolution comes from identifying these differences and being equipped with strategies to better communicate through them.


We will all end up somewhere, but is it where you intended? Coaching provides tools to think about your thinking and to chart change.
John Robertson has an invaluable gift.  Having learned from John and worked with him through crisis training and program development is refreshing.  John’s ability to ask seemingly simple questions to get you or an organization not just to make a decision, but challenge and question where you or your organization needs to be and developing your plan and program to meet the end goal as opposed to just ‘doing the next thing’ makes his consulting, speaking and advice beyond the band aid approach to genuine assistance in doing the right thing for you. Brent Thomas, CMM III

Assistant Fire Chief, A/CEMC, Orillia Fire Department

John Robertson’s expertise in Change Management helped me enormously when I became principal. John is skilful, intuitive and very well qualified. John’s quiet support and probing questions helped me pick my path as a leader and principal. Alison G.

Principal, BHS

I met John through Canadian Police College. Later, at my police service, I was tasked with engaging with racialized groups. Relations between police and community were significantly fractured and impacting persons on both sides of the situation, taking a toll on the team. John was requested because of his unique approaches, enabling team members to identify and name their experiences. He provided strategies for improving personal and group performance, working together and navigate conflict going forward. This was a turning point for the team, fulfilling objectives, minimizing negative impact, but as importantly appreciating the magnitude & importance of the group and individual contributions.

Isobel Granger

Inspector, Ottawa Police Service

Transformation, not just transfer of Information

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