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John Robertson is a workforce wellness expert and culture alignment specialist. He works with forward-thinking leadership to develop a thriving workplace with fully-engaged people, where leaders can lead.

Leaders know the ‘event’ is never the real crisis. John supports organizations to transform their traditional crisis response and strengthen their cultural leadership style


  • Sustainable psychological health and safety in the workplace
  • Leaders people can trust
  • Strengthened resilience & mental health
  • positive, productive, culturally aligned, workforce

The 4 'D' process for organizational transformation

I’ve taken over 30 years of crisis intervention experience to develop a proven process that helps organizations thrive by transforming traditional crisis response beyond just reacting, implementing new leadership, an EAP, or other programs. I call it the 4 D’s:


Discover what thrive means for you [and your organization]. Discover the real motivation behind the mental wellness initiative.  Discover the different strengths, characteristics, and qualities that need to be leveraged in your organization


Determine the outcomes for your workplace mental health, results, and measurements to be used. After all, if you don’t know where to go, and what it will look like when you get there – its impossible to move in that direction!


Develop a strategy to leverage programs, personnel, experts, courses, and other tools to effectively develop the transformation towards workplace mental health and wellness. However, just like gardening, this takes pruning, time, and supports to grow the right things.


Deploy your strategy, tactically, to ensure if it works it is replicable. If it does work the impact radius is minimal. It is that process of design-build-evaluate-refine-evaluate. It is not a once and done mindset.  Leadership must keep in front and taking things up a notch.

Each of the team members brought their own personal touch to the team’s overall effectiveness and adapted to the logistical challenge of our site virtually immediately.  I want to thank John Robertson in particular for his support and counsel with respect to guiding our site senior management to make a real difference to our employees in a time of stress; his help was much appreciated.

Grant Goddard

VP Sustainable Development & Human Resources, Baffinland

John Robertson has an invaluable gift.  Having learned from John and worked with him through crisis training and program development is refreshing.  John’s ability to ask seemingly simple questions to get you or an organization not just to make a decision, but challenge and question where you or your organization needs to be and developing your plan and program to meet the end goal as opposed to just ‘doing the next thing’ makes his consulting, speaking and advice beyond the band-aid approach to genuine assistance in doing the right thing for you.

Brent Thomas

Assistant Fire Chief, Orillia Fire Department

John Robertson and FORTLOG Services has been an integral part of helping us put our CISM program together as well as its success! He trained all of our 32 members and has been a huge support to us since starting this program over 5 years ago. We have had very positive results with our First Responders as well as the rest of the Corporation and we know we can always count on his availability and support! His knowledge, professionalism, devotion, and humanity make him stand out as a trainer and consultant and we are proud to have the privilege of working with him!

Elizabeth Gauthier

Human Resources Manager, Prescott-Russell

Let's Work Together

Consulting and training services to help you
build a thriving culture and engaged workforce


Is your organization caught in a perpetual ‘groundhog day’ where the same issues keep arising, you react in the same way as you did previously, and then it starts all over again?

Wouldn’t it be great to move out of a constant reactive leadership state and into a proactive one where your initiatives are leadership endorsed and supported AND personnel driven?

If this resonates with you, let’s talk. I work with organizations and associations of all sizes in both a consultative and training capacity to help them overcome the challenges they face with crisis management and the wellness (both mental and physical) of their staff.

If you are ready to move past groundhog day and run towards the roar, it all starts with a 30-minute ‘Triage’ call to determine the best path forward.

Organizations Running Towards the Roar...

Organizations Running Towards the Roar...

Run towards the roar

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