Mental wellness is now expected to be part of your workplace and culture. Develop a positive, more engaged and productive workplace through strong leaders, and a structured approach that integrates mental wellness.


Tired of feeling like you are always reacting?
Take a breath. Lift your head. Let’s DISCOVER where you are aimed!



Beyond the next new shiny program or policy; let’s DETERMINE what growth and success towards resilience means for you and your workplace.



Like a fitness membership, there needs to be training, equipping and coaching to get healthy. Let’s DEVELOP your plan to thrive through crisis/change.



Don’t just stand there, do something worthwhile. Enough talk, and reacting. It is time to DEPLOY. Act, test it, improve it, refine it, to learn it.


"...please pass on our sincere appreciation for the outstanding support provided by John Robertson and his team during our tragic crisis of mid-December.  The pace of response and quality of the team was awesome.  As I was up north in our local communities I diverted to site to provide support to the team and was able to see the Homewood team in action from the moment they arrived.

Each of the team members brought their own personal touch to the team’s overall effectiveness and adapted to the logistical challenge of our site virtually immediately.  I want to thank John Robertson in particular for his support and counsel with respect to guiding our site senior management to make a real difference to our employees in a time of stress; his help was much appreciated.

Once again thank you for your firm’s and the team’s services; their personal and professional caring approach supported Baffinland’s team in a time of need."

Grant Goddard