FORTLOG Services

People want to be employed in an environment that is unified, supportive, and trustworthy. They want to wake up on Monday mornings looking forward to going to work.

However, the value of mental health prioritization and personnel resilience are working against them.

Leaders are being told they need to “handle” mental health concerns in the workplace, but they haven’t been equipped with how to do this in a way that is effective, efficient, and long-lasting. Without guidance, leaders cannot meet the demands placed upon them and are burning out.

Workplace productivity and performance are impacted by:

Miscommunication, misunderstandings, and mistakes causing conflict.

Personnel continuing to react to crisis after crisis.

Increased sick days and turnover combined with retention-recruitment challenges.

High overhead, reduced cashflow, and overextended budgets.

If you want leaders that can positively influence mental health, simply:

Call me today.

We’ll develop and execute a plan for your organization.

Transform your organization into a place where people want to work because of leaders they trust and want to follow.

At FORTLOG Services, for over 30 years I’ve helped leaders of non-profits, first responders, Indigenous [First Nations], municipalities, GOCO, and small businesses reduce or resolve their workplace challenges so that employees can look forward to going to work again.

John works with forward-thinking leadership and organizations to build their Run Towards the Roar ethos to:

Transform the Traditional Crisis Response to:

Build a culture where people want to work

Establish a trustable Leadership people want to follow

Develop peoples opportunity to thrive