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Leveraging leadership through storms, crisis and change

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Plans, Policies and People

Plans, Policies and People fall apart when you need them most

Public and private-sector organizations count on FORTLOG to help change the way their leaders show up during times of crisis by shifting their perception of authority, resiliency, character and mental health so it serves a higher-purpose that outperforms any policy, program or plan.


Signs and signals and stop gap solutions for someone in crisis

Fortify your workplace

Hire John as a Consultant

You’ve noticed employees quitting, withdrawing and creating friction with other team members. All the team-building exercises and EAP programs feel like a band-aid solution to a bigger problem. Stop the bleeding and team up to build a workplace culture that focuses on thriving, not ‘surviving’.

Hire John as a Speaker

Leaders are being told they need to “handle” mental health concerns in the workplace, but they haven’t been equipped with how to do this in a way that is effective, efficient, and long-lasting. Without guidance, leaders cannot meet the demands placed upon them and are burning out.


organizations served as a speaker and consultant


saved in lost-profit through crisis intervention and prevention1


average increase in staff retention following FORTLOG’s intervention2

(1) Average amount saved over a 5 year period for organizations previously experiencing increasing insurance rates, employee premiums, sick days, sick-leave, talent-loss and misaligned EAP program expenditures. (2) Based on qualitative feedback from clients served over a 3+ year period.

Run Toward the Roar Book Cover

Join other organizations in “running toward the roar”

One of the most counterintuitive but EFFECTIVE things a leader can do is train themselves, and their staff to “run towards the roar”.

Built around the ethos of how an aging lion hunts by leveraging his Prides’ strengths (speed, agility) against his own –”Run Toward The Roar” is a timeless study in how to reframe crisis, authority and leadership into powerful opportunities for entire groups to thrive.

Trusted by hundreds of organizations across North America
to help lead their teams through crisis

The smartest leaders had the foresight to do this 10 years ago. Tomorrows greatest leaders (and workplaces) are adopting this strategy TODAY

The Fortlog Advantage

FORTLOG’s CEO, John Robertson is one of the leading experts leaders look to during times of interpersonal crisis and shifting authority in the workplace.

Organizations across North America have been benefiting from FORTLOG’s Interpersonal Crisis Management, Coaching & Consulting services for over 30 years, counting on John to help shepherd them through their most challenging storms. Today, a growing number of workplaces benefit from John’s proven strategies, systems and speeches that focus on integrating core-value practices “not just policies and procedures''.

Where are you at: CRISIS or FRICTION?

Every organization, division and team will experience friction or crisis at some point.

Plans, policies and people tend to fall apart without adaptive leadership.

Your organization is risking losing their best team members during the next upheaval because they lack the patience (or loyalty) to handle “other kids throwing sand in the sandbox” on top of their own position's challenges.

Unfortunately, your organization is probably already feeling the effects of:

  • Overspending on areas of team building and EAP programs to help make up for “the event” or shift in workplace dynamics.
  • Growing mental health challenges: climbing sick-days, sick-leave, stress-leave, declining employee performance due to anxiety, depression.
  • Increasing employee premiums: an increase in claim-submissions relating to mental health, stress-leave and “burn out”.
  • Lost talent, difficult acquisition: fear of losing (more) key staff members, increasingly difficult time finding or keeping new staff.
  • An “Unruly” Workforce: interoffice politics and challenging personality dynamics have taken the spotlight, and reliable productivity is at an all time low.
  • Loss of authority: Recognition that your current workforce cannot be motivated or guided the same way they used to be, without a clear understanding of why or what to do about it.
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Stop sinking. Start SHIFTing...
Does it feel like your ship is sinking?
Are some people spending more time poking holes than paddling out?

“If your HR-rep and managers are exhausted from dealing with the side-effects of crisis and friction in the workplace it’s probably because everyone’s best efforts just aren’t aligned. Find out which area your organization needs to be focusing on NOW to see the biggest SHIFTS and get your ship back on course!

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