FORTLOG specializes in crisis-recovery, management, and prevention; working with you to neutralize the rollercoaster of burnout, overspending and talent-loss.

The Problem:
“The event is never really the crisis”

Organizations faced with sudden crises often don’t recognize the underlying issues their staff and leadership have been facing all along. All too often we see workplaces experience sharp declines in productivity, team-morale, employee-retention, and a growing increase in sick-days, insurance-claims, and interpersonal conflict among team members.

Beyond surviving the “stress test” these teams are then challenged with what we call the “hot-water/tea-bag effect”—if you want to see someone’s true sense of leadership put them in hot water and see how they react.

Team members lose perspective and leaders lose their sense of authority—creating a perfect storm for talent-loss, mental-health/stress-leaves and “quiet quitting” (the kind where employees keep showing up and drawing a salary but are ‘checked out’ and no longer contribute in meaningful ways).

This is when the REAL CRISIS begins.

Years of well-spent money on talent-acquisition, leadership programs and workplace team-building starts to fall apart as employees withdraw and leadership influence wanes. This effect can last anywhere from days to years, costing organizations millions of dollars in misaligned efforts to “fix the bleeding” while they struggle to operate in survival and recovery mode.

The problem
The solution

The Solution:
“Get off the treadmill and get back in the game”

FORTLOG provides an alternative approach to the traditional (‘treadmill’) crisis-response model by highlighting the impact of resilient leadership (“followable leaders”) and helping you identify the underlying dynamics that are either making your team want to show up and “stay in the game” or are creating environments that are making them want to quit, tune out their leaders and bicker with fellow team mates.

Through coaching, workshops, short speaking seminars, and multi-level consultations your organization can count on not only being able to REBUILD & PREVENT crises from getting any worse (or repeating) but also FORTIFY your workplace so you set a new standard for what THRIVE means...

From surviving to thriving:
What it takes to become an employer of choice during times of change

“Leadership is not a PROGRAM, it’s a PRACTICE”

We teach leaders how to adopt the resiliency and thrive-based culture practices that actually make a difference on a micro and macro scale. “No more being pragmatic, real leadership comes down to the decisions you are making in real-time: prepare your leaders to make better decisions by giving them the training to ‘run towards the roar’ (or get taken out by the storm).

Give leaders the tools they need to better leverage their strengths, complement their staff’s strengths and organizational resources.

John shows you what it takes to identify the KEY FACTORS that keep you and your workforce moving through *any curve ball or tsunami* that’s thrown at you.
When a leader locks in on a line of vision that serves the organization AND the workplace, they become an unstoppable force. Resiliency is no longer a choice, it’s a habit.

“Normalizing Mental Health & Leadership Responsibility”

Today’s managers have suddenly had to take on the role of being mental health professionals, helping their workforce manage not only operational stressors but personal stressor too. In well setup environments these added stressors become easy to manage because leaders have been trained on how to see the issues from all angles (before, after, during) and can skillfully mitigate not only the possibility and frequency of these events but also the severity and peripheral impact on others.

“The workforce of today and tomorrow needs more support and better systems to perform their best; John gives organizations the shortcut and the systems that actually make a difference”

  • You don’t need post-crisis care, you need pre-crisis leadership training (this seriously impacts the bottom line over years to come)
  • You don’t need just another program, you need a system (one that is adaptive and can grow with your organizational landscape)

Give your team the “Greatest Leaders of Tomorrow” training

  • Set them on course to make your workplace a “workplace of choice” in the years to come.
  • Learn how to manage a new generation of workers who are responding to leadership and authority in entirely different ways
  • Adapt to the “post-COVID” effects that stress, motivation and changing workplace structures are having on your workforce.
“FORTLOG is the solution for frustrated, burned-out HR Reps and Managers who recognize their workforce is carrying more than they can handle and aren’t sure how to support them through yet another storm.”

FORTLOG helps you shift, pivot and evolve past the current crisis and take massive strides towards being a highly adaptive, profitable workforce again…

Your Choice:
stay “stuck, burned out & spread thin”


Set a new standard. become an employer of choice.

How to Get Started

Salvation Army-EDS Leadership session

Hire John as
a Speaker

Set the standard in your industry or organization by bringing John’s wealth of knowledge to your team long before the crisis happens. Get a glimpse of what it takes to be the kind of organization people can’t wait to work for, ride out the storms with and cultivate the greatest forms of leaders within...

Coaching & Consulting
Coaching & Consulting

& Consulting

Neutralize “the roller-coaster of crisis-recovery” by inviting FORTLOG to adapt your organization's biggest challenges into their biggest opportunities. Receive hands-on training, coaching and implementation practices that exceed the impact of any plan, policy or program your organization has tried before. Stop struggling, start thriving.

Training & Resources

Share Trainings & Resources

Restore confidence and a sense of authority in the workplace by giving your key decision makers a proven model of what it takes to be the kind of leader people “follow through storms”. Easily share FORTLOGS [Books, Blogs, Podcasts and Resources] with key influencers to watch change happen from the inside out.

Learn more about John Robertson

About the Fortlog Advantage

Built from decades of working within interpersonal, organizational and crisis-recovery models (and many colorful examples of how animals, athletes and employees respond to cycles of change and conflict) –John guides teams “through the weeds” of crisis-recovery and helps re-identify them as a thrive-based leaders.

He is known for helping organizations reroute “reactive spending” into proactive efforts that save them hundreds of thousands of dollars in talent retention, acquisition and insurance premiums.

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