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“My biggest fear was for my employees and their health. In the municipal field we don’t have a choice, services must be delivered - Township employees had to work during COVID shutdowns. I was seeing employees who felt isolated, others were harassed or ignored when asking people to abide by the rules in place for everyone’s protection. John and FORTLOG SERVICES conducted a series of resilience workshops for all employees of the Township. His approach to the workshops helped employees voice their concerns and frustrations and provided practical tools to help them during such a challenging time. They learned they were not alone, and that there were supports in place to help them when needed.

John’s practical and no-nonsense approach is refreshing. His style and openness to listen to others’ concerns and approaches supports the partnership we have established.

I so appreciate working with John and FORTLOG Services, one of the better employee centric decisions I have made in my tenure.”

Debi LucasSwitzer

Chief Administrative Officer, South Stormont

“If you are looking for solutions to Leadership issues and Mental Health awareness look no further than John Robertson.  I have had the privilege to attend seminars with John as the speaker, and I learn new techniques for leadership and how to deal with Mental Health issues each time I listen.  In the Fire Service I teach the R2MR (Road To Mental Readiness Program) and I am also a certified Peer Supporter and CISM team member.  I have dealt with the worst of calls not only in my career but in others’ careers as well.

John's approach to Mental Health is refreshing, in a current model that seems to focus only on the mental injury and how you are going to feel. John takes you beyond that thinking and helps you to see, that as First Responders we should be doing work prior to any possible mental injury so we are more resilient, as well as focusing on the "Health" side of Mental Health.

John provides you with the knowledge, skills and tools, to ensure that you stay healthy.  Society today, and other mental health programs, have been telling us its ok to have a mental illness (which it is) but they don't seem to focus on what it's like to get through one, to a healthy state again. John does just that. As a Firefighter I have been on the down side of Mental Health and unfortunately it was in a time when it was not "cool" to come forward.  I would never want anyone to go through what I went through.  With John's process and encouragement-based approach, hopefully no one will ever have too.”

Cameron Smith

Chief Training Officer, Fire and Emergency Services Town of Ajax

“...sincere appreciation for the outstanding support provided by John Robertson and his team during our tragic crisis.  The pace of response and quality of the team was awesome. Each of the team members effectively brought their own personal touch and adapted to the unique logistical challenges nearly immediately. I want to thank John Robertson in particular for his support and counsel with respect to guiding our site senior management to make a real difference to our employees in a time of stress; his help was much appreciated. Once again thank you for your firm’s and the team’s services; their personal and professional caring approach supported Baffinland’s team in a time of need.”

Grant Goddard

VP Sustainable Development & Human Resources at Baffinland, Oakville

“I met John Robertson while I was seconded to the Canadian Police College, Executive Development Centre where I oversaw delivery of a senior leadership course. [John was there to] help participants identify team dynamics and leverage strengths/weaknesses based on individual personality types and group dynamics.

In 2016 I was tasked with leading an outreach liaison team for the purpose of conducting extensive engagement with racialized groups in Ottawa. The team had the difficult task of trying to build bridges between the community and the police service during this time. Early on I realized that the task was taking a toll on the team. I requested the services of John Robertson because of his unique approach to help team members identify and name what they were experiencing based on individual personality type and personal preference related to negotiating conflict.  John went on to provide strategies for improving personal and group performance as well as how to work together and navigate conflict going forward. This was a turning point for the team which was able to fulfill task objectives with minimum negative impact but more importantly they were able to use an objective lens to appreciate the magnitude and importance of the group and individual contribution.”

Insp. Isobel Granger

Ottawa Police Service

“John Robertson has an invaluable gift.  Learning from John and working with him through crisis training and program development is refreshing. John’s ability to ask seemingly simple questions to get you or an organization not just to make a decision, but challenge and question where you or your organization needs to be and developing your plan and program to meet the end goal as opposed to just ‘doing the next thing’ makes his consulting, speaking and advice beyond the band aid approach to genuine assistance in doing the right thing for you.”

Brent Thomas

Assistant Fire Chief, Orillia Fire Department

“John Robertson and FORTLOG Services has been an integral part of helping us put our CISM program together as well as its success!  He trained all of our 32 members and has been a huge support to us since starting this program over 5 years ago. We have had very positive results with our First Responders as well as the rest of the Corporation and we know we can always count on his availability and support! His knowledge, professionalism, devotion, and humanity make him stand out as a trainer and consultant and we are proud to have the privilege of working with him!”

Elizabeth Gauthier

Human Resources Manager, Prescot Russell

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