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You’ve tried the programs. Updated the policies. And tried to stay on top of “the office politics”, so why does it still feel like you’re just rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic?

FORTLOG Coaching and Consulting saves organizations thousands of dollars in “reactive, well-meaning efforts” by showing them how to “pull up” and thrive during times of crises.

Transform the Traditional Crisis Response Model

Redevelop a culture where people want to work

Establish leadership-styles people want to follow

Cultivate resiliency, camaraderie and sportsmanship

“Futile Action”

(the act of doing something, but not achieving much)

is one of the most common side-effects following direct or indirect crises. It might have been months, or years since the incident or shift in the workplace happened and yet it seems like everybody is still on edge and leaders are spinning their wheels trying to get back to a place where things feel normal, or at the very least productive again…

You just want everybody to get along and “do their jobs”

You want to focus on growth, not playing referee or counselor

You’re tired of losing key team members and are actively losing sleep over your fear of someone else quitting (or that next big “hiccup” that will take everybody out).

You don’t need another well-meaning team-meeting.

Futile action

From Triage to Triumph

One of the key components that organizations who are slowly falling apart share is that they erode from the inside out. It’s not the well-intended policies that are falling apart —it’s the people who are meant to be leading, following and contributing that are fighting, floundering or failing to show up (physically, or mentally) when it matters most.

FORTLOG helps you identify where team members are unintentionally “poking holes in the side of the ship” and comes up with a quick-action plan to help you paddle -out so you can focus on steering the ship, not saving it.

Guide your team

Guide your entire team back to a place where they value, respect, and support each other (even if they don’t like each other). Mitigate the effects of future crises by fortifying their sense of self within the organization, and find out how passion and resiliency play an often overlooked role in long term success.


Give your leaders a more effective and “followable” sense of authority by identifying where they are excelling, or falling short in the areas of influence. Watch team members show up differently when their leaders “rebrand themselves” as trustable, respectable and approachable. Learn more about the “ethos” behind this in Run Toward The Roar.


Refocus your team by reassessing how far you’ve shifted individually, and organizationally from the shared goals and values that kept you operating in such a high capacity “before something went really wrong”. Don’t know where to start with this? Check our 4D’s Resource to help get a solid sense of footing again.

John Robertson

Whether it’s layoffs, a change in management or a sudden death that has set off a chain of events—“crisis in the workplace” tends to follow similar patterns that almost always involves an over-correction (in an effort to ‘treat the problem’) and a failure to stop the bleeding at the source (often underlying conflicts, lack of team/organizational clarity and outdated leadership styles that don’t account for the growing sensitivities of the modern day workforce).

FORTLOG steps into public and private organizations of all sizes to quickly assess underlying crisis-points that may be prolonging the recovery and restabilization period. John works with leadership teams, managers and influential team members to realign their efforts, gain traction and set a new tone in the workplace.

Through hands-on coaching, consulting and steadied implementation of processes that have been proven to work with hundreds of other organizations across North America, John is the first one to grab a paddle and show you how to row your way through even the toughest of storms.

Concrete, verified processes + Solution-focused RESULTS.

Book a consult call with John to find out how the FORTLOG approach can help steer your organization back on course, and fortify your leaders for the storms up ahead.

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