Transform your Critical Moments from Survive to Thrive: Discover the Run Toward The Roar Ethos

  • Doesn’t it feel like sometimes we are caught in a squeeze play? The pressure of completing work assignments, family responsibilities, and meeting workplace expectations, all while maintaining our mental health, yet are we given the authority to make those necessary, final decisions?
  • Maybe you’re tired of all the talk about mental health, resilience, balance, and well-being. At the same time, demands are only increasing. The focus is more on surviving, not resilience, never mind thriving.
  • Do you ever wonder if there was a different approach? More transparent and more common sense?

It means reframing critical moments to define a refinable new norm. Run Toward The Roar is an inside-out and bottom-up approach, setting a value-anchored foundation from which you build your growth. When critical moments [a Roar] arise, be they a crisis, storm, change, or any other defining moment, a simple premise always happens; fight, fight, freeze, appear, or Run toward the Roar.

The Run Toward The Roar ethos is about reframing and defining those values, what’s inside, something to be loyal and faithful to, no matter what storms arise.

Let me illustrate; if you are injured playing a sport you love, you will find a way to return to the game. If you are playing a game you don’t love, almost any injury takes you out. The same principle is valid for thriving and playing the game called life. Why you should want to finish the game well and define what this means for you?

This RTTR podcast is a blend of insights encouraging us to think about our thinking and will include conversations with those who found that running toward the roar is simpler [just not the easiest]. It is about being a community that wants to thrive, not just survive. It is not more experts in the stands telling us more, working harder, or shoulda-coulda-woulda, but just people in the game, learning to grow forward.

When a roar happens in life, what would happen if we ran toward the roar instead of just doing what is normal—keep reacting? Run Toward The Roar reframes thriving and resilience to find and focus on what you love so that you will be faithful and loyal regardless of the roars that cross your path. Whether encouraging your team or self-leadership, RTTR is a practical and applicable approach to influencing and encouraging people to thrive. This podcast is based on the Amazon best seller “Run Toward The Roar: Transform Crisis and Change into the Opportunity to Thrive.”

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Special Note: Like thriving, it is not something done once and done perfectly. This podcast is the same as it’s about growing forward. If you are looking for something perfect, this is not the right one for you. I am learning and will be changing things as it grows. The focus is not perfection but growth, which is often uncomfortable and messy.

The Fortlog Advantage

Organizations across North America have been benefiting from FORTLOG’s Interpersonal Crisis Management, Coaching & Consulting services for over 30 years, counting on John to help shepherd them through their most challenging storms. Today, a growing number of workplaces benefit from John’s proven strategies, systems and speeches that focus on integrating core-value practices “not just policies and procedures''.

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