The Influential Christian Entrepreneur

"The Influential Christian Entrepreneur", is a  compelling journey into the hearts and minds of successful Christian entrepreneurs. In each episode, they delve deep with their guests who've integrated their faith with their business, openly expressing their belief in God through their content. These entrepreneurs don't just thrive in the market; they're using their platforms to inspire and influence, all while glorifying God.

The host explores pivotal questions like "When did you become a Christian?" "Do you believe in mixing religion with business?" and "Why do you speak openly about God in your content?" Their guests share their stories, struggles, and insights, showing how their faith has been instrumental in their success.


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Stop sinking. Start SHIFTing...
Does it feel like your ship is sinking? Are some people spending more time poking holes than paddling out?

If your HR-rep and managers are exhausted from dealing with the side-effects of crisis and friction in the workplace it’s probably because everyone’s best efforts just aren’t aligned. Find out which area your organization needs to be focusing on NOW to see the biggest SHIFTS and get your ship back on course!

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Curious if your workplace has the key THRIVE-CULTURE indicators? Here are some key resources (and questions) to ask yourself to help distinguish your organization's ability to bounce back and thrive during times of crisis.

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FORTLOG Coaching and Consulting saves organizations thousands of dollars in "reactive, well-meaning efforts" by showing them how to "pull up" and thrive during times of crises. Organizations across North America have been hiring John to help shift the narrative, reframe the crisis and put their organization on the map as leaders in Interpersonal Crisis Prevention.

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