Proactive, Intentional Coaching

Coaching is the method to think about our thinking, which encourages change and growth. To thrive through change or crisis a core is needed, a Personal Values PLAN, which acts as a compass to guide and provide a strong sense of direction.

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“If we don’t know where we want to go, any road will take us there.”

~ Alice in Wonderland

Change is inevitable in all relationships and organizations. Accepting and managing change is a learned approach and essential for survival in today’s society. It forces us to re-examine our present way of being. It is often a very difficult adjustment as we endure intense feelings of fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

Values-based coaching helps to determine address motivations and hurdles that help or hinder how people will adapt to this foundational shift. This can cause questions for people as to who they are and how they identify themselves.

Values Sorting, The Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Passion Assessment are tools used to strengthen healthy relationships, enable people to understand who they are and their gifts as well as others (especially when blended observational feedback).

From Survive to Thrive

Dealing with the ‘dome lights’ that drain our battery.

  • Career: Job loss, Professional burnout, Stress management
  • Relationships: Anger, Addictions, Communication, Aging parents
  • Family: Conflicts, Parent / Teen issues, Parenting
  • Marriages: Communication, Rekindling the Flame, Addressing Differences &/or Strengthening
  • Crisis & Grief: Dealing with Loss