Thank you for booking a time to talk

Why I'm asking to meet?

I don’t like meeting without knowing the motive, or feeling pressured, so why would I do that to you? Please watch this video as an introduction to me and learn about the process of working with FORTLOG.

To assist with our conversation please find some additional information for you to download. This information will assist us in our 1/2 hour conversation.

The 4D's Introduction

Begin to Discovery how we will be determining and developing so that each piece of the plan can be deployed for successful implementation. The 4D’s will start you on the steps to achieve mental health recovery.

Run Towards the Roar

Learn to Run Towards the Roar. Download the first two chapters of John’s upcoming book as an introduction to the Run Towards the Roar Ethos.

I look forward to our conversation

John Robertson
FORTLOG Services

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