Organizational Health & Wellness

Does your team work like a body and play like a team?

FORTLOG helps you foster a strong and successful team: Trained and equipped to play their roles, while seeing the value of supporting growth and change.

Equipping your team for change

Change requires 5 interconnected elements to ensure success.  Without any one of these confusion, stress, delays, frustration and false starts abound.

Real or Effective Change

Start reducing risk and harm in the workplace.

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Building teams

  • for leadership with positive influence and playing to strengths using the values plan (passions, abilities, life lessons, nature and values)
  • by clarifying vision, values, team selection
  • through development combined with strategies to dealing with differences (conflict resolution) strategies.

This service helps organizations manage change, crisis and provides guidance, giving clarity where your organization is going and having the right people in the right positions to achieve this goal.

Topics addressed may include:

Resilience Leadership Training

This is training that teaches individuals to “run towards the roar” – in work and life we have a tendency to repeat past behaviour when faced with critical incidents and adversity. How Resilience Leadership Training transforms this approach is by equipping individuals and leadership to be able to run towards the roar rather than running from it. Often clear, decisive leadership acts as a catalyst to achieve excellence, motivate others, and inspire trust, while honouring honesty and fostering fidelity.

We focus on addressing and resolving the 5 core issues (SHIFT) that change/crisis always exposes: including visible things like “Culture, Character and Competence!”

These 5 factors (SHIFT) are:

  • Shepherds – Those that lead from in front (not the top) that walk the talk while looking out for their people.
  • Harness – Getting the organization in values alignment so everyone is pulling in the same direction.
  • Intervention – When crisis or change impacts your team, what is the plan for intervening and supporting the people?
  • Focus – What are the goals in the organization? What are we striving to achieve as group?
  • Team – Enabling the right people in the right positions for the right reasons.

Our program consists of three skill sets:

1. Understanding the 4 D’s

  • Discover: i.e. What does mental health, Crisis Intervention, etc. mean for us?
  • Determine: i.e. What is the best actionable strategy (people, plan, resources)?
  • Develop: The culture, personnel, leadership (not just a series of programs without progress)
  • Deploy: Identify requirements, analyze needs, design strategies, evaluate needs, build tools and then re-evaluate.

2. SHIFT Approach

3. Trust + Leadership + Communication (TLC) = Relationships & Culture (RC)

Team Transitions & Support

Working from the understanding that teams must function like a body, where all members (parts) play vital roles, FORTLOG helps support managers and team members alike through transitions. Whether they are job changes or management reassignments, John helps them to both see their value, and thrive within their new role.

Organizational Health and Wellness

Progress with Transformation through consulting, coaching targeting implementation. Meeting leadership (regardless of the title), workplaces and persons where they are, enabling positive growth. Integrating peer teams through partnering and communication, beyond just policies and performance.