Leadership Development

Leadership is about encouraging, motivating, inspiring people to envision a future,
but more importantly helping them see their role in achieving that goal.

Leadership charts the path from present to future
so that others want to follow.

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Leadership is not a magnetic personality or ‘making friends and influencing people’. Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to higher sights and raising their performance to a higher standard.

~ Peter Drucker

True leadership reflects

  • resilience
  • strength, motivation, and direction
  • is a catalyst that enables others to exceed their own expectations
  • intentionality of influence

Using a developmental learning approach with assessment tools, individuals to develop into genuine, contributing leaders.

ACES our values-based approach, develops leaders that display:

  • AUTHENTICITY – showing true character, transparency, humility, focus, teachability, mentorship and credibility.
  • COMMITMENT – to organizational vision, values, beliefs and growth; service to others (community & family); trustworthiness, responsibility and accountability
  • ENTHUSIASM – displaying contagious passion, vision, inspiration, fun and team-oriented attitude.
  • SERVICE – embrace servanthood, discipline, accessibility, proactiveness, and encouragement.

Leadership Support

Leadership Coaching

FORTLOG supports organizations and leaders to communicate their values and to relate to people in a way that is authentic or genuine, and by helping them to understand that commitment is not just what is said, but what is heard. It is helping them implement key principles: authenticity, commitment, enthusiasm and willingness to serve. This equips them to provide feedback and give coaching and training so that future generations of leaders are build.