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One of the greatest honours I have been given is the opportunity to encourage others and share insights I have been taught or allowed to learn.

I have been blessed to be a guest on several podcasts. I hope you review, then listen as these hosts invest in their listeners, like you.

Enjoy, be encouraged, then encourage others.

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Transforming Your Crisis Response

This episode of The Leadership Habit Podcast, Jenn DeWall sat down with John Robertson to talk about how to transform your traditional crisis response.  John leverages a values-anchored ethos as a leadership development specialist helping organizations and individuals to define the new norm and thrive. And I hope you enjoy the conversation, is John and Jenn talk about how you can transform your traditional crisis response by running toward the roar.


Over the years, John has gained extensive and diverse experiences working with Indigenous peoples [First Nations], first responders, small-medium businesses, non-profits, churches, communities, municipalities, educational, health care, families, and EAPs. John’s qualifications include Conversational IQ™, psychological health and safety advisor, ICF coach, Resilient Leadership, crisis intervention instructor, numerous psychometric tools, Certified Trauma Treatment Specialist (CTTS), Certified grief counsellor, and a Masters and Bachelors degrees.

In this podcast for managers, Audrey, Lee and John discuss:

  • The 4 D Process for Organizational Transformation
  • Why wellness is more than being sick
  • Why EAPs don’t work

“Wouldn’t it be great to move out of a constant reactive leadership state and into a proactive one where your initiatives are leadership endorsed and supported AND personnel driven?”– John Robertson

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“Captain Crisis” is what some people might call John Robertson because companies pick up their “red Batphone” and call him when they have a people problem.

As a Culture Alignment Specialist, John has an interesting perspective on workforce wellness.  He develops an encouragement-based approach, resolving root workplace causes as opposed to treating crises and transition in the workplace symptomatically.  Each is customized based on the needs of the client.

His goal is not to reinvent the mental health wheel but instead implement actionable problem-solving strategies to gain results.  For leaders, this means you learn how to be a person your people want to follow through storms.

John likes to say, “the ‘event’ is never the real crisis.”  If you have recurring people issues in your organization or want to avoid them, join David as he talks with John about how he works with companies to transform their traditional crisis response and strengthen their cultural leadership style.

This great conversation challenges us to think more carefully, and long-term, about the different types of crises that affect our employees, not just our organizations.

David Russell – Manage 2 WIN can be found here:




John discusses Leveraging Crisis and Change by building a values anchored culture.

This must-listen-to episode discusses what it’s like to lead during uncertainty. We discuss the role faith plays in leading from wisdom. I know you will be encouraged by our conversation.

Cory and Logan can be found here:



When a “roar” happens in life, there are normal fight, flight, freeze, and appease reactions, but what would happen if we ran toward the roar instead of merely reacting?

Instead of treating roars, storms, or crises as something to react to or try to avoid, we can plan for them so that we respond instead of reacting. Sometimes the theme of resilience, well-being, and thriving becomes so clinical, theoretical, or pie-in-the-sky that it is not practical or helpful. Like so many educational approaches, oftentimes, the approach tends to be a transfer of information rather than transformation.

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Tony Richards podcast is designed to provide top business insights, fresh perspectives from world-class guests, and the tools you need to lead better than before.

Tony and I discussed the encouragement-based approach and corporate and organizational culture. I provided five great quotes to energize your week.

 Check it out!

Tony Richards can be found here:



Trust has never been more important and yet… these days, trust in leadership has eroded significantly. From employees to citizens, too many of us have become jaded about what people in positions of leadership are — or aren’t — doing. Today’s guest, John Robertson, is determined to turn that trend around so trust is not…

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