Just having a fitness club membership does not develop you into a healthy person, any more than completing a workplace wellness program every 2-5 years changes the leadership, culture, and/or the relationships in a workplace.

Developing leaders who build relationships and cultures for resilience means that people need to be encouraged, trained, and equipped so that they have the confidence and competence to thrive within a healthy workplace environment.

In order to leverage programs, tools, and mentors to build your leaders and personnel you must develop a program designed to achieve what you’ve determined as successful transformation and growth towards a healthy workplace? 

The plan needs to include;

  • A business case for addressing wellness issues in the workplace
  • Engagement of staff throughs workplace strategy to gain a shared focus from leadership to frontline
  • Identify, intervene, and strengthen personnel going through change/crisis
  • Develop a communication plan to identify behaviours and practices around the values alignment
  • Develop the ‘succession’ plan and developing leaders who people want to follow into the future