Support for Impacted Personnel

A crisis should never be defined by an event, it must be defined by the reactions to an event! Balancing "the work must get done" with supporting impacted personnel is tenuous and must be strategic in its execution. When a crisis or significant change is not addressed well, it will create a ‘root fire’ and leaders will months or even years dealing with the resulting brush fires!

Some significant events have become commonplace (divorce, the death of a loved one, and layoff) but this must never mean that the impact is lessened for those on the receiving end. Think about an event you have been through where other people thought they would “never get through it”. These commonplace events not only affect the person experiencing the crisis.  Team members, family members, and coworkers will also be impacted by the impacted individual’s ability to handle the crisis and change.

FORTLOG Services specializes in assisting organizations, families, and individuals with working through crisis and change. If you or your organization is experiencing a crisis please contact us.